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Right on Track

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For musicians on a budget, the branding and PR of an album falls heavily on their shoulders.


Musicians should feel empowered to release music confidently on their own.


An educational platform that teaches artists how to successfully launch new music.



The Marketing Mixtape was founded as a branding and promotions company to help musicians reach fans effectively.

Yet the company has become a PR consultancy, completing tactical and immediate promotional needs for clients. We course corrected and went back to the mission — in order to help musicians reach fans in an effective and sustainable way, we need to put them in the driver’s seat.

Musicians, who are producing and launching music on their own dime, struggle to balance the art with the marketing.

The crafting of an album takes priority in time and money, but without strong branding and promotional material, the album will be left unheard.


Musicians on a budget have to be both artist and manager. How can we help ease that reality?



We created Right on Track, a series of comprehensive lessons breaking down the necessary steps to a successful music launch.

Phase One: a series of workshops presenting the curriculum to a live audience.

Phase Two: a digital educational platform that lives on the Marketing Mixtape website.

The Live Workshop

January 11-12, 2019

We presented five lessons over the two days:

Session 1: Music Release Planning

Session 2: Branding Essentials 

Session 3: Public Relations Strategy 

Session 4: Social Media Strategy

Session 5: Playlist Placement Strategy


Below are a selection of slides from the Branding Essentials lesson that covers the basics of building a brand identity.


The Digital Experience

We created an ideation of how the program will eventually live online.

Website Refresh

We updated the website to better highlight the services of Marketing Mixtape and position Right on Track as the featured product.

New Website

Old Website


Lesson Portal

The program will live digitally as a series of video lessons that users can log in to access. Users can scroll through the videos or use the drop-down menu to see the full curriculum and jump to previous or upcoming lessons.


The side menu drops down to show details about the lesson plan and upcoming lessons. Each lesson will have complementary and optional worksheets that users can download and print.


Users can access an account page to see their subscription plan, the total lesson overview, and information about their instructor.



Identity System

We built a style guide specific for Right on Track. Inspired by The Marketing Mixtape’s current aesthetic, Right on Track’s is built to be distinctive and accessible. They style choices ensure that all material is legible and content-forward while still embodying the charm and whimsy of The Marketing Mixtape’s branding.

User Journey & Persona

As we built out the curriculum, we consulted closely with a member of a local Virginia band, The Northerners. He helped us journey map the emotional markers of an album release.

Enjoy bluesy, folk rock? Check out my favorite Northerners’ song!



A social share from the workshop.

User Feedback

At the conclusion of the January workshop, we asked participants to give us feedback. Some of the suggestions include:

  • Provide more in-depth information on follower growth strategy, distribution and licensing, and venue booking

  • Dedicate time to learning and using design tools like Canva and Keynote

  • Host small group discussions and workshopping with other guests

  • Give more information on the instructor’s credentials

  • Incorporate live music into the experience

We are a taking this feedback into consideration as we plan for another round of live workshops and continue to evolve the curriculum.

Personal Reflection

Growing up in a home filled with music, it has always been a passion of mine. I have many talented musicians in my family and friend circles — I have watched them pour their hearts, time, and resources into their work. I’ve also witnessed how hard of an industry it is to crack and how much dedication it takes. When I met Whitney (CEO of the Marketing Mixtape), I was inspired by the work she was doing to help musicians get their careers off the ground. Together, with our mutual love for music and education, we created Right on Track.



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