HomeTown Flyers

Problem: Local music is a dynamic facet of place. However, with few promotional opportunities and the fluctuating nature of the business, a musician's voice can easily be left unheard.

Solution: We are creating a podcast that will bring local music out of the shadows and connect musicians with each other and their fans. 

Idea: As artists share, create, and play music across the country, they create a network of sound. Hometown Flyers hopes to illuminate the links between creative communities. 


As a musician and music lover, together we are able to connect with musicians in a more authentic manner. We interview musicians not as the critic but the peer. Michael Sokolowski, the host, has the ability to converse with fellow musicians in a personal, relaxed, astute manner that will open fans' eyes to their favorite local artists and scenes.


My dad and I are starting podcast. He is a musician, I am a fan. Our hometown is Charlottesville, VA: a place teaming with local sounds and creative energy. We are deeply connected to the city's music scene and constantly in awe of the diverse talent it houses.



Music & movement 

The logo is inspired by the fluidity of music.

We talk to musicians whose hometown roots run deep yet whose music deserves to extend across geographical borders and cultural boundaries.

The animated logo is intended for website use and digital marketing.





The Visual Identity

To lay the foundation for a successful project, we began with a style guide. We were inspired by the CD booklet as a visual companion to a musical story. 



Using the style guide, we are building the website for Hometown Flyers. We are starting with mobile design to create a simple, user-friendly interface where listeners can subscribe to the podcast, learn about its origins, find an archive of episodes, and discover the artists featured. 


Business Model

Two-pronged business model to start:

  • Podcast generates a critical mass of listeners to attract advertisers/sponsors.
  • Podcast will promote the host's brand as a musician, writer, and recording artist.

The business will remain open to acquisition and syndication should it achieve the level of success to warrant such interest.


How it started

Michael Sokolowski had the idea for the podcast when recording audio for a print interview with a musician and realized how much he enjoys talking to musical artists. He was inspired to combine this interest with the desire to help music fans learn more about the musicians who share their communities. 

The first handful of episodes will focus on Charlottesville and its variety of voices and sounds. Subsequently, we will hone in on another local music scene - perhaps spurred by an artist we talk to in C'ville.

The goal of Hometown Flyers is to showcase towns across the county, connecting states through a thread of music. 


On the horizon

We are close to launching the project — we have a group of Charlottesville musicians on board and ready to record. Stay tuned.


The Team

Michael Sokolowski, Musician

Elise Sokolowski, Experience Designer



  • Illustrator
  • After Effects
  • Sketch

My Role

I am in charge of all visual components of the project and a collaborator in the conception and production of the podcast.