Hello, I'm Elise. 

I'm a strategically inclined experience designer pursuing my master's at the VCU Brandcenter.

I'm interested in storytelling that can live on and off screens. As a photographer, I'm conceptually driven and have a deep sensitivity for my subjects, which renders itself well as I create user-centered experiences. 

I'm a sensory oriented person. I'm passionate about seeing, hearing, and feeling the world around me — I try to infuse that into everything I make. 

XD through the lens of...

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I frame and de-frame creative problems just like I do composition. Making is exposing. All creative endeavors, in some way, turn a mirror onto ourselves, surroundings, and cultures.

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Records are supreme examples of storytelling: artists craft unique musical realms for listeners to inhabit. The melodies, lyrics and rhythms of each track are woven together to create a multi-layered listening experience.


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In the early morning hours as my feet pound the pavement and my heart rate rises in cycle class, I experience the sharpest moments of clarity. It's when ideas form and I feel empowered to tackle challenges head-on. Motion unlocks my creativity.