A friendly Dental DIno

Problem: Smile Direct Club's online orthodontics is an unusual process. How can we make the brand more approachable, trustworthy and informative?

Solution: Meet Chomper, Smile Direct Club's new chatbot created to ease the process of mail-order braces.

Idea: A fun, light-hearted yet informative character will assist users and elevate the brand's image.



The website is visually exciting but the logistics of online braces remain unclear — much skepticism surrounds the product. A conversational interface that is personable, engaged with the brand, and informative will bring clarity and zest to Smile Direct Club. 


Smile Direct Club has a strong visual identity: they employ a rich color palette with quirky illustrations and beautiful photography to create a bold aesthetic. This is overshadowed by the complicated nature of their service. How can we use SDC's bright visual narrative as a stepping stone to improve user experience?


The dino hygienist

We created a character to inform users about SDC, answer any questions about the process, and create a memorable digital interaction.


Let's Chat

We created Chomper via Chatfuel. 

Check out an example conversation:

Chomper addresses a user's orthodontic history, dentistry anxieties, explains how to order impressions and starter kits, and promotes the whitening product.

How we built the conversation:



Through interviews and surveying, we learned:

  • Smile Direct Club is not trying to replace pediatric orthodontic care because children benefit from in-person doctor visits.
  • SDC is for adults who are not satisfied with their smile, requiring minor fixes in bite and spacing.
  • The adults we talked to were resoundingly skeptical. 
  • The main competitor is Invisalign, which is more expensive and time consuming. 
  • Chomper needs to increase brand awareness, and inform customers of the ease and affordability of SDC because there is a significant desire for straight teeth.  


In beta we learned that while Chomper's voice should be fun and casual, most importantly it needs to be informative. We realized that people like to be amused, and that we must account for trolling. Additionally, Chomper should use simple, common language for customers who have never had braces before and are novices to the process.



Paige Rollins, Experience Designer

Missy Thieman, Experience Designer 

Elise Sokolowski, Experience Designer


Tool kit 

  • Chatfuel
  • Sketch
  • Survey collection
  • Keynote

My Role

  • I built the digital survey, conducted in-person interviews and gathered research on the brand. 
  • Using the research, I helped craft Chomper's persona and voice, which we finessed after user testing.
  • I spearheaded the conversation flow for "easing user anxiety" and assisted in the amalgamation of all flows for the final iteration of Chomper.