elise sokolowski
elise sokolowski


Hello, I’m Elise

Four years ago, I finished my studio art fellowship and was set on pursuing a life as an artist. The path twisted and turned, and I found myself trading in 4x5 film for the 16x9 screen.

While it was a somewhat unexpected transition, it felt right. I realized the ways I wanted to incorporate creativity into my life and career extended beyond the traditional fine art route. I found my way to Experience Design and quickly realized that with my concept-first training and acute sensitivity for my subjects, I was well-prepared for human-centered design. 

As a photographer, the best moments are the ones leading up to the shutter release: the analyzing, framing, and then focusing of a scene. As a designer, my favorite part of every project is the discovery phase — doing the brand and user research in concert with team collaboration to build imaginative yet intentional solutions. Experience Design and photography are so mirrored that as I found my groove in design, I also made my way back to the camera. My life as an artist and designer are not separate; they fuel each other. The inquisitive, thoughtful eye that I have honed as a photographer has made me into a strategic designer; and my passion for creative problem solving has spilled back over into art-making. 


I am a runner, walker, and spin class enthusiast. I love music — the most moving stories are the ones told through lyric and melody. I am both mountain and ocean; my home is in the Blue Ridge, yet I dream of the ocean. I am shaped most by my family and friends —  from whom I find the most joy and motivation. These things feed my creativity and always (consciously and unconsciously) find their way into my work.